Sights and Sages, Well Well Well, and Downers at The Casbah

Tuesday night March 12th I got to shoot Sights and Sages, Well Well Well, and Downers, some really cool local bands. I was really into messy, chaotic light trails this night and I love how perfectly unperfect the images came out. Check out these bands theyyyyy riiiiiiipppp!!!


Well, Well, Well

Sights and Sages

Stuyedeyed Came to San Diego with Ron Gallo and Post Animal

The old homies from Brooklyn, Stuyedeyed, came through San Diego on their tour with Ron Gallo and Post Animal. I shot Stuyedeyed so many times in Brooklyn and it always feels good to shoot them outside of New York City.

Ron Gallo was fucking sick he’s still one of my favorites right now and I’m glad I finally got to see Post Animal!


Post Animal

Ron Gallo

Buddha Trixie and 3LH at Squibfest

A million bands played at Squibfest, a mini festival held at Queen Bee’s in North Park, but I only shot two of them. The first one, Orange County’s 3LH, I had heard about from the photographs of music photographer Michael Haight. HIs images were dope so I wanted to check them out. The second band, Buddha Trixie, are the old homies and brought me to the festival. Both bands were fucking WILD


Buddha Trixie

Aviator Stash, Mdrn Hstry, and Coral Bells at Music Box

Entering a new scene of San Diego bands with Aviator Stash, Mdrn Hstry, and Coral Bells. Also my first time shooting at Music Box. It was a good night!

Coral Bells

Mdrn Hstry

Aviator Stash

Empty Room

My roommates moved out and their room was empty for a weeks. I saw this as an opporunity to shoot! I invited my friend Melissa to come over and take pictures. Since she’s Brazilian, I was playing Samba and Cumbia the whole time. What a muse!


Chasing light and reflections with Reyah


A surfer searches for water in an urban environment, only to realize that not everything is at it seems...

Directed, filmed, and edited by Rick Perez (

Model: Jason Webber

Song: 'Ripped' by Half Eaten

Story: David Perez

Wardrobe: Soft Tech Softboards, O'Neil, Ezekiel, Tavik, Topman


Promotional photos for the San Diego skate and street wear company, Emanon. Starring Riley Huffman.

Future Generations in San Diego

A few weeks ago, New York City band Future Generations stopped by San Diego for two nights while on their national tour. They crashed at the Manor and I was stoked they got to spend one of their days off in my hometown. FG are one of the goofiest bands that I know and it was really fun catching up with them.

The first night I met them at Ocean Beach. I took them to the weekly drum circle and we watched fire dancers before heading back to the Manor.

The next morning we shot around my neighborhood really quick before I had to head into work.

Future Generations were on tour with Zuli who I really liked. Here’s some shots of the live set.

And here’s Future Generations. I love their live sets and I could tell they have gotten tighter since I last saw them in 2017.

L.A. Story

Since moving back to Southern California, I’ve been wanting to explore Los Angeles more. A few weeks ago I visited Levi, Lori, and Mario, some of the few people I know who live there. Here are a few pictures of Lori and her friends on her rooftop in West Hollywood, Levi making dinner in the Valley, and a skate sesh with Mario in Highland Park.


Danie was my Lyft driver. She was telling another passenger how she modeled sometimes and I told her that I was a photographer and we should get together and shoot one day. A few weeks later, we met in Bankers Hill with several outfits and no make-up under the mid day sun.

This is Danie.

Desert Daze 2018: Saturday Edition

Desert Daze is the first camping festival I’ve been to. Since I went with Wild Wild Wets, who played the opening party, I was able to get artist access but not a media badge. So my perspective is from backstage or in the crowd instead of the photographer’s pit. It was rad!

Saturday night consisted of JJUUJJUU, Cosmonauts, and Slowdive, who had my favorite visuals. I was super into the black and white and silver lines.

There are also moments of hangs at the campsite. Enjoy!





Desert Daze 2018: Friday Edition

Desert Daze is the first camping festival I’ve been to. Since I went with Wild Wild Wets, who played the opening party, I was able to get artist access but not a media badge. So my perspective is from backstage or in the crowd instead of the photographer’s pit. It was rad!

Friday I took pictures of All Them Witches, Warpaint, Idels, and Tame Impala. Tame Impala’s set got cut early because of a lighting storm so everyone had to evacuate.

I also posted some pics of friends hanging at the campsite and other views from the festival. Enjoy!




Tame Impala


DM FOR ADDRESS: Oak Palace, Nite Lapse, Noble War, and Los Pinche Pinches

A few weeks ago, I was wondering what I should do on a Friday night when I came upon the Instagram page of Los Pinche Pinches. They posted a show flyer with bands I never heard before and said “DM for address” and I knew I had to be there. “It’s in an alley” they told me over the DM’s. My curiosity sparked.

I invited my friend Ralen, the dude who is always down for anything. Beer cans in hand, we walked down the long alley toward a light coming from a building and a crowd of people around it. As we came closer I noticed it resembled a garage, with a car on the right side and a metal door that you pull down to close.

Going through the garage and into the first room, we were greeted by Jetty Sushi, a mobile sushi bar. The next room was a wonderfully typical DIY space, complete with a dirty couch, Christmas lights, and a projector screen. There was no stage, the bands were going to intimately play on the same level as the audience.

More and more people came as the night progressed. In between sets, everyone congregated outside and the DJ, Noxid, played the dopest house music and kept the people moving. I really enjoyed all of the bands. From punk to new wave and indie rock there was something for everyone. It was a legit party.

Los Pinche Pinches

Instrumental punk FUCK YEAH

Noble War

Classic indie alternative

Nite Lapse

Funky new wave and “Very easy to like” -Ralen

Oak Palace

They revived the mosh pit!!! So good. Bummed I had to leave early cause I had work the next day but definitely want to stay for a full set next time.

Stray Monroe at the House of Blues

Stray Monroe are one of the bands that I am legit friends with, not just music related friends. I love going to their shows and catching up with them. This one was at the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego, where I got Colin’s epic drum face!!!

Night Walks- Pt. 1

I love going on adventures with my cousins Danny and Tavi. We literally just hung out at the beach at night and walked around and talked and looked at things. I live for a good party, but I truly cherish the nights just chillin with people I love.

Close Encounters of Buddha Trixie

Buddha Trixie was one of the first bands I linked up with when I moved back to San Diego, recommended by my little brother.  I haven't seen them live yet and it was a while since I last caught up with them, so a few weeks ago I decided to check out their set at Soda Bar.  Seeing them live is crazy hypnotic and dreamy and I didn't want to wake up.  They remind me a lot of Tame Impala and Pink Floyd.  Good shit!

I Don't Do Weddings: Suzie and Bryan Wehrwein

Suzie was my best friend in high school.  She has always been such a kind and generous person, so when she asked me to photograph her wedding reception I was ecstatic.

Bryan and Suzie did a courthouse wedding the year before, so this reception was an opportunity for the friends and family members to come together and celebrate their union.  It was set at Marina Village, a venue on the harbor and occured during sunset.  It was gorgoues.  I was very happy to be apart this and will always send good vibes to their lives.

Here are a few of my favorites: