DM FOR ADDRESS: Oak Palace, Nite Lapse, Noble War, and Los Pinche Pinches

A few weeks ago, I was wondering what I should do on a Friday night when I came upon the Instagram page of Los Pinche Pinches. They posted a show flyer with bands I never heard before and said “DM for address” and I knew I had to be there. “It’s in an alley” they told me over the DM’s. My curiosity sparked.

I invited my friend Ralen, the dude who is always down for anything. Beer cans in hand, we walked down the long alley toward a light coming from a building and a crowd of people around it. As we came closer I noticed it resembled a garage, with a car on the right side and a metal door that you pull down to close.

Going through the garage and into the first room, we were greeted by Jetty Sushi, a mobile sushi bar. The next room was a wonderfully typical DIY space, complete with a dirty couch, Christmas lights, and a projector screen. There was no stage, the bands were going to intimately play on the same level as the audience.

More and more people came as the night progressed. In between sets, everyone congregated outside and the DJ, Noxid, played the dopest house music and kept the people moving. I really enjoyed all of the bands. From punk to new wave and indie rock there was something for everyone. It was a legit party.

Los Pinche Pinches

Instrumental punk FUCK YEAH

Noble War

Classic indie alternative

Nite Lapse

Funky new wave and “Very easy to like” -Ralen

Oak Palace

They revived the mosh pit!!! So good. Bummed I had to leave early cause I had work the next day but definitely want to stay for a full set next time.