Duuns Photo Shoot- 4.22.18

Duuns is a psychedelic band from San Diego, California.  We met up on the cliffs in Del Mar for this photo shoot, the storyline inspired by crime movies like Reservoir Dogs and Casino.  I wanted it have a very warm and retro Southern California feel, the same vibe I've been going on the past few months.  

Here are a few of my favorites.


We talked a lot about their latest album, the U.S.S. Death Express (one of my favorites right now) and also what it's like to be a musician San Diego.  They even took me to their crazy DIY show on on these cliffs over looking the ocean.  I wrote an article about the experience, check it out here: 30 Tickets: How Duuns is Honoring DIY Music in San Diego.  

I look forward to working with Duuns again!