DM FOR ADDRESS: The Shed, Sands, Lefties, and Blunites at Lobsta Palooza

Since moving back to San Diego I've been searching for fun DIY shows to shoot.  When I saw the 'Dm for address' under the flyer for Lobsta Palooza on Instagram, I knew I had to travel up to North County to check it out.

In the backyard of a house in the suburbs of Encintas, the first thing I noticed about the show was that I WAS THE OLDEST PERSON THERE! In Brooklyn, majority of the people who attended DIY shows were in their mid-20s to mid-thirties and a mix of ages outside that range.  Here, I was clearly the oldest one but I felt like it didn't really matter.  These were the cool artsy kids who accepted anyone and everyone and were themselves in this safe space. And they were WILD


Started off super chill and ended with a motha fuckin baaaaang


A band with so much energy they took the crowd up to the next level.  The lead singer has the best faces and performs the fuck out of that stage.


Very cool rock music, a sound that would be in an indie movie.  The organizer of Lobsta Palooza, Nina, was the bassist in the band.  

The Shed

I could tell these guys were the local rockstars, everyone went NUTS!!! They had to cut their set short cause of the cops.  But I, and everyone else, left hyped.