Wild Wild Wets + Well Well Well Double Release Party with Ethics + Creepseed

Last Saturday at the Casbah my homies Wild Wild Wets had a double release party with Well Well Well.  They were supported by Ethics from Tijuana and Creepseed.  It was the first show I shot in 5 weeks so I was a little rusty but very excited to be back at it!


These guys were FUCKING WILD! So much fun to shoot, oh man!


I loved their vibes.  Started off super chill and then got super dancey.  They're from Tijauna and they make me interested in the scene there.

Well Well Well

They killed it! I loved the sax and flute and the lead singer rocked the fuck out! Also, that balloon hat!

Congrats on releasing your double EP  "Poptimism" and "Ships" !

Wild Wild Wets

The homies put on super fun party! They had these crazy insane visuals that, along with their music, transported everyone to the mad world of Wild Wild Wets. So dope! 

And congrats on releasing PRISOM!