I really enjoyed working with Colatura while I was in New York City. I knew Jennica and Digo from years prior so it was good catching up and I loved meeting Meredith and Victor. Here are some of my favorite shots from their shoot and set. Check them out!!!

Pre-show Shoot

Set at the Gutter

Buddha Trixie x Ignant Benches Tour Send Off with Los Shadows and Espresso

The homies of Buddha Trixie are currently on tour and had the most epic send-off show. Joining them up the coast is Ignant Benches, whom I’ve seen on bills but haven’t got to see them until this night and they did not disappoint. Supporting them were Los Shadows and Espresso, two very fun and chaotic bands.

Have fun Buddha Trixie and Ignant Benches!


Los Shadows

Ignant Benches

Buddha Trixie


For a few months I was obsessed with emotions of sadness, anger, and despair. I recruited Daniel Cole, drummer and lead singer of the band Buddha Trixie, to star in a story depicting these emotions. The story is about a fictional character who is tired of his normal life and has the need to break free. I told Daniel to imagine that he was in a job he hated, that his girlfriend just broke up with him, and gave other scenarios to help bring out the intensity of sadness, anger, and despair.

After mulling through these photos, I realized that the fictional character he was playing was actually…me. For a long time, I felt like I was going no where. My photography career wasn’t progressing and I was stuck behind the same desk I had been for many years with no end in sight. The emotions I told Daniel to portray (anger, sadness, despair) were real things I was experiencing. For the first time as a photographer, I used my medium to (unknowingly) express what I was going through.

Daniel did a really good job at illustrating my mental state and I am thankful for that (give the man an Oscar!!). Just like in this story, where Daniel sheds the clothes from his old life and steps into the light, I can see the light in the my own life and I am happy to say that I am walking towards it as well.

Ryan and Missa Get Married

A few months ago I was invited to shoot the gorgeous wedding of a gorgeous couple, Ryan and Missa Rigali. Being the younger brother of one of my best friends, I have known Ryan for many years so it was such an honor to document this day. I definitely cried while shooting some of these, everything was just so beautiful! And full of love!

Congrats you two!

Night Beats, Mdrn Hstry, and Ten Bulls at the Viva La Vacay Party

San Diego’s Viva La Vacay threw another epic party at Moonshine Beach, this time with Ten Bulls, Mdrn Hstry, and one of my all time favorites, the Night Beats.

Ten Bulls

Mdrn Hstry

Night Beats

Kody and Taylor

For this proposal, I had to pretend I was taking photos of the view instead of them. It was really beautiful and I am happy I was there to document the engagement of Kody and Taylor .

Jorge of Free Paintings

I really enjoyed shooting Jorge, lead singer and the brain behind the project Free Paintings. We went out to this graffiti damn at Otay Lakes with no real plan, just to be inspired along the way. He fully trusted me and my eye and I fed off of his creative spirit. Here are a few of my favorites!

The Trenches

I met Daniel this past winter when he was my Uber driver. He was giving me a ride to an art show my photograph was in, and he told me he was a photographer as well and we exchanged info.

Fast forward to summer we finally got together and shot. He took me to this skate spot in Cardiff called The Trenches but since there was some remnants of water and rocks from the last storm, he couldn’t skate as much as much as he could.

It’s still a really cool shoot location and this is one of the reasons why I love working with skaters: they always want to find unique and hidden locations to skate, which makes for some really cool visuals. Let’s keep the adventures going!

Board and shirt by Sanford Shapes, hat by the homies Viva La Vacay

Chicanx Night at The Smell with Los Hurricanes and 3LH

One of the things I enjoy about shooting live music is discovering new venues. I’ve seen photographs of this venue called The Smell and it looked really fun and interesting and wanted to check it out. The all-ages Los Angeles venue is a wonderfully dirty place that had the entrance in an alley that smelled like piss. This particular night Chicanx Night and had some dope rock n roll bands, 3LH and Los Hurricanes. As a Latino person myself, I really enjoyed seeing these musicians of color rocking the fuck out and singing in Spanish for some songs.


I’ve shot them before and they were reason why I was there! Great energy, great songs, and great style. 3LH KICKS ASS!!!!

Los Hurricanes

I’ve heard about them through social media and wanted to check them out and I’m glad I did!! Their keyboardist was absolutely insane, I’ve never seen a keyboardist get down like that! They are definitely one of my new favorite bands right now.

When I Get There

I had previously worked with Stefano on the Viva La Vacay shoot earlier this year. I dropped off some prints to him, and figured we should shoot while I was there! I love surf photography and hope to do more!

Coppertop Coffee and Donuts

I loved shooting with Hillcrest coffee shop, Copper Top Coffee+Donuts. I had a lot of fun with the staff and it was a good challenge shooting the products. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Graduate

My youngest brother, Jacob, graduated from Westview High School. He is off to the University of Reno next year and I couldn’t be more excited for him!

My Photo at the San Diego County Fair

My photograph of Daniel Cole was accepted into the San Diego County Fair! Apparently only 1/3 of the entries make it into the fair, where thousands of people attend every year and can potentially see my work! Very exciting!

Downtown Las Vegas

The only time I really took my camera out in Vegas was on Freemont Street, or Downtown Las Vegas. It was my favorite part of the trip.

Hotel Room

In Las Vegas, I shared a room with my muses Samantha and Caitlin. We were going to take an afternoon nap, but the natural light was so good that we decided to do a photo shoot instead!

New Yorkers in Joshua Tree

Ben, Sonia, and I got an Air BnB in Joshua Tree, California. It was the first time either of them spent time in the desert and they really loved it! I was glad I was able to spend some quality times with good friends.