A surfer searches for water in an urban environment, only to realize that not everything is at it seems...

WILD WILD WETS at Desert Daze 2018

The San Diego based band, Wild Wild Wets, played the opening party at the psych rock festival Desert Daze 2018. This video showcases their live set and intimate behind the scenes moments during the festival.

Trailer for the WILD WILD WETS Photoshoot

BoC Presents: Fear of Music

Promotional video for the ‘Fear of Music’ Halloween show

‘1924’ Music Video for MAYVE

Shot and directed by Rick Perez, edited by MAYVE

DAY TRIP: Skinny Blonde in Harlem

New York City based band Skinny Blonde takes BoC around their neighborhood, Harlem. Shot for Black on the Canvas

‘Higher’ Music Video for MAYVE

Backstage with Dinowalrus

Shot for Black on the Canvas

‘Snake Charmer’ Music Video for Carbon Mirage