Chicanx Night at The Smell with Los Hurricanes and 3LH

One of the things I enjoy about shooting live music is discovering new venues. I’ve seen photographs of this venue called The Smell and it looked really fun and interesting and wanted to check it out. The all-ages Los Angeles venue is a wonderfully dirty place that had the entrance in an alley that smelled like piss. This particular night Chicanx Night and had some dope rock n roll bands, 3LH and Los Hurricanes. As a Latino person myself, I really enjoyed seeing these musicians of color rocking the fuck out and singing in Spanish for some songs.


I’ve shot them before and they were reason why I was there! Great energy, great songs, and great style. 3LH KICKS ASS!!!!

Los Hurricanes

I’ve heard about them through social media and wanted to check them out and I’m glad I did!! Their keyboardist was absolutely insane, I’ve never seen a keyboardist get down like that! They are definitely one of my new favorite bands right now.